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Laminator Roller Repair and Recovering

Recover Laminator Rollers

We repair existing hot and cold rubber coated laminating rollers for pouch laminators, school laminators, roll laminators commercial laminators, printed circuit board laminators, mounting laminators and wide format laminators. Laminator rollers get cut, worn and slashed with knives and, after years of abuse, leave print marks on laminated prints. Don't trade-in or scrap your existing laminator just because a set of new rollers from the manufacturer may be close to the cost of a new machine or the machine has been replaced by a newer model.

You invested a lot of money in your laminator and it still may be in good operating shape. All it may need is a new set of rollers. We can service both heated and cold rollers as well as pull rollers in almost every make and model. Colors may vary. OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturers specifications are sometimes not available but we can evaluate the roller characteristics and profiles and make a close match. Please provide us with Make, Model and basic dimensions of your roller for a quote. Contact us for a fast, free quote on refurbishing your existing machines rollers.

Need a New Roller?

We can offer to build you a completely NEW roller for COLD laminating applications including vinyl sign making and banners. Please send us a dimensioned sketch of your core and the nature of your application and we will be happy to quote your new cold laminator rollers.

Why Choose Us?

  • On average, our prices are 1/3 to half the price of the OEM replacement roller list price.
  • All hot rollers are covered in high-release silicone compound from 40 to 80 shore A, which is able to withstand temperatures of up to 500 F (260C).
  • Cold laminator rollers may be coated with silicone or other rubber compounds.  We will work with you to make the best choice operationally and from a cost perspective.
  • Our compounds are processed in a clean environment both during its production and during roller recovering, ensuring it is free from contamination. Roller recovering includes a rigorous inspection procedure to insure defect free rollers.
  • We are experts in Laminator Roller Refurbishing!

List of Hot and Pressure Roller Manufacturers

Over the years we have stripped and recovered hot rollers and pressure rollers for a variety of dry film, paper and printed circuit board roll laminators. 


  • 85 DSS Card Printer

Banner America

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D&K Group

  • EXP 42
  • EXP 44
  • EXP 62
  • EXP 63
  • EXP 65
  • Minikote
  • Minikote EZ
  • Superkote

DryLam / FujiPla

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DuPont / Riston

  • HRL-24 (600471-501)
  • HRL-24 (600471-502)
  • HRL-24 (602275-503)


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Single Sided Laminators

  • 520 T
  • 520 TS
  • 520 HP
  • 520 HPS
  • 520 HPA
  • 720 HP
  • 720 HPA
  • 720 HPS


  • 412-LM
  • 4180-LM
  • 4250
  • 568LM-1
  • 6250
  • Artic
  • Catena 35, 65 and 105
  • Eagle 35, 65 and 105
  • Falcon
  • Orca
  • Talon
  • Titan
  • Ultima
  • Ultra 44


  • Dynachem 1500B / Mach 600 Cut Sheet (11603102)
  • Dynachem Mach 600 Pre-Heater Triple (THP-24)
  • 720i Cut Sheet 30” (11703152)
  • 630UP HD, HT (11603162)


  • Educator
  • Graphic III
  • Ledco HD-6
  • Ledco HD-25
  • Ledco HD-38
  • Ledco HS-30
  • Premier 3 and 4
  • Professor
  • Signmaster

Neschen Accutech

  • 72 UV Liquid Laminator



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Royal Sovereign

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  • 1400 Estat
  • 1400 HS
  • ES 1600
  • S 1300 BL
  • S 1350


  • 400S
  • 44 Ultra and Ultra Plus
  • 600
  • 6000


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Think & Tinker, Ltd.

  • HRL 4200
  • HRL 5200
  • HRL 6200


  • CRL 40


  • F30
  • F38
  • W56


  • Preview 500
  • Professional 2500
  • XM 4400

For rollers under 48 inches in length our standard service returns your recovered rollers to you in less than 10 working days after receipt of your approved order and your used rollers, and in most cases less time. Standard service on rollers over 48 inches is typically 18 working days after receipt of your rollers. Expedited service is available as well for an additional charge.

IIf you have modifications to your laminator rollers, we can assist you whether it is a special rubber compound, custom coating thickness, alternative hardnesses, crowns or profile grinding. We have the experience to assist you with your specific roller needs. Use our Rubber Roller Request Form to receive a quote or contact us today.

If it’s made from rubber, contact us!