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Re-Shoring with J.J. Short Associates, Inc.

Having trouble with your overseas suppliers? Delivery schedules not being met? Finding it difficult to make changes to orders once placed? Is the quality not up to your standards? Are you finding your costs rising from your overseas supplier including transportation and the need to “hold” more inventory that you need?

If these are issue you are facing—try re-shoring your good with a US supplier. For rubber parts, rubber component parts, and rubber rollers that supplier is J.J. Short Associates, Inc.

At J.J. Short Associates we will...

  • Provide “Made in America” quality products and services using only legal United States workers.
  • Not outsource any of your work to a foreign supplier.
  • Be flexible to meet your needs and scheduling requirements, allowing you to keep your inventories lean.
  • Allow you to customize your work, make changes as needed and get your product to market sooner.
  • Turnaround your work quickly, reduce your supply chain and you will not be exposed to high transportation costs, customs delays and long shipping leads.
  • Produce ‘short runs” to meet your requirements so you do not have to hold large quantities of inventories.
  • React quickly and work directly with you should your work require alterations, rework or if necessary, returns.
  • Provide you with a stable US Supplier of custom rubber products that has been serving its customers with distinction since 1977.

Many companies that have taken their work offshore have found that the hidden costs outweigh the “cheap labor”=”cheap price” benefits they thought they were going to achieve. For your sake and for our country’s sake, it is time to STOP OUTSOURCING and START RE-SHORING.

For rubber parts, rubber bonded components and rubber covered rollers, please consider J.J. Short Associates, Inc. as your U.S. based manufacturer. We will offer high quality work at a fair price.

If it’s made from rubber, contact us!