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Rubber Roller Case Study

Recoating Rubber Rollers

Issue: We are continually approached by customers in a variety of industries that are seeking more economical solutions to replacing worn out rubber covered rollers.

Most find that the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) require them to purchase completely new rolls, core and all, even though the metal core is not damaged only the rubber covering is worn. Others find that while they can return cores for recovering, the OEM has a limited range of materials available to them which may not provide the most optimal wear given the specific environment under which the rollers are being exposed.

Finally, we have been told of instances where cores identified by the customer for specific equipment are returned for recoating but the OEM or it's designee do not specifically identify cores to customers. In these instances someone else's cores are being returned to the customer, and may not work properly in the equipment.

Objective: One of our more popular services is "Strip, Recoat and Grind". In cases where our customer has a functional core, we can save them time and money by simply replacing the rubber covering to their exact specifications.


J.J. Short Processes: Upon receipt of your rollers we will specifically identify your cores with your order so you can be assured your parts we be returned to you. We then evaluate the core to make sure that it is not damaged. If damage is found we consult with our tool shop to determine if a repair is feasible and consult with you on the various options. If you are unsure of the material covering your existing roll we can identify it for you. We will also consult with you on different material options, if you are dissatisfied with the existing covering. Finally, we strip, recoat and grind your rolls to your exact specifications.

Results: From the beverage industry to graphic arts to furniture makers to packaging and electronic manufacturing companies, we have saved customers money by being able to simply repair the worn rubber on fully functional cores. Whether its one roll or several hundred, we can assist your company as well. If your rubber rolls are worn, contact us!

If itís made from rubber, contact us!