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Recovered Rubber Rollers

Maintenance means keeping machinery running at peak efficiency. Working with J.J. Short can be the perfect complement to your maintenance programs. You no longer have to work around the original equipment manufacturer's limited stock designs or bear the cost of complete roller or core replacement.

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Laminator Rollers


Before working with us, many of our customers either disposed of their used, worn out rolls and bore the expense of ordering completely new parts, core and all from the OEM. In most cases, the body of your roll or metal core is fine, only the rubber was worn. Still other customers shipped their old rollers back to the OEM for recoating but with no guarantee that the same cores they returned would be returned to them.

A big part of our roller business is "Strip, Recover & Grind". J.J. Short is an expert at providing prompt service in this area. Send us your old, worn part! If you are unsure of the covering let us test and identify it for you. Silicone, Urethane, Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile and Natural Rubber are our more popular coverings. 

Journals/cores are inspected and if needed repaired with your approval. Recoating your cores with high quality coverings and finishing to your exact specifications - all within your timeline, is our mantra.

Sometimes a roller is perfectly reusable and does not even need to be completely recovered. The existing covering may only need to be built up or simply reground to provide a new operating surface.  This service is very cost effective  to our customers as well. Increased overall service life for your rubber covered rollers and cores puts extra dollars back in your maintenance budget.  With J.J. Short working with you, your used roller becomes a "like new" roller at a reduced cost and at a delivery time you specify.

View Steps in Covering a Roller

If new rubber rollers are what you need, look no further! Precision rubber covered rollers, hubs, wheels and cores are manufactured to your exact specifications. J.J. Short can supply complete assemblies, including metal cores or cover metals you provide.  Custom design and compounding to meet the needs of our customers is our specialty. Our in-house processes make us very competitive from complete design to delivery. With our engineering expertise in roller design to final inspection to verify customer specifications, our customers have given us an excellent quality and high satisfaction rating.

Contact us for assistance in specifying the right manufacturing process and polymer for your needs.

Whether recovering used or supplying new rollers, grinding smooth faced, slotted or segmented rollers, J.J. Short strives to manufacture a quality product that meets and exceeds your needs for durability and performance. If itís coated with rubber, contact us!

If itís made from rubber, contact us!