J.J. Short Associates, Inc. is a Custom Molded Rubber and Roller Manufacturer that can help you with Custom Molded Rubber Parts, Custom Rubber Covered Rollers, Replacement OEM Rubber Rollers, Laminator Rollers, Rubber Parts, Rubber Rollers, Rubber Caps, and OEM Molded Rubber Parts.
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J.J. Short Associates, Inc. Success Stories

Let us describe how you can benefit from working with us, by sharing with you some of our successes. Each case on this page shows how your needs and requirements combined with our 70 plus years of experience in working with elastomers, will bring you the results you need. Combining our design and production team's expertise in elastomers, with your knowledge of your business, will lead to successfully meeting your rubber part related needs. With J.J. Short Associates, Inc., our goal is for a mutually respectful relationship that will result in customer loyalty and not just customer satisfaction. Together, let us find your solution!




 Chain Track Pad Case Study
(Rubber to Metal Bonding)

Reverse Engineering Case Study

 Roller Case Study




 Spool Tire Case Study
(Film Processing)

Rubber Caps Case Study
(Material Compounds)

Molded Rubber Case Study
(Rubber Tires)



Antique Wringer Case Study
(Recovered Rollers)


Consider J.J. Short Associates for all of your Molded Rubber Products, Roll Covering & Refurbishing, Die-Cutting Services, Lathe Cutting Services and Custom Compounding & Mixing needs!  Not sure of your material needs?  Visit our handy material reference page to determine the material best suited to your part's working environment, or feel free to contact us!

If itís made from rubber, contact us!