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Bring It On Home - Learn About Re-Shoring Your Custom Molded Rubber and Custom Roller Manufacturing - Click HereJ.J. Short Associates, Inc. has been committed to providing the finest molded rubber parts and rubber components to a variety of industries for over 30 years. As an experienced manufacturer of engineered rubber components, J.J. Short Associates, Inc's business is all about helping our customer’s develop rubber parts and components that exceed their needs in operation, longevity and cost.

J.J. Short Associates, Inc. also manufactures both new and recovered rubber rollers for various types of applications including printing, mechanical and other specialty applications. If “off-the-shelf” rollers do not meet your needs contact us with your specifications and we will work with your team to design and build rollers suited for your application.

For customers with existing rollers, refurbishing those rollers is typically more cost-effective than buying new. By reconditioning used rollers through our roller recovery methods our recoating process not only saves our customer money but is eco-friendly, keeping scrap metals and coatings out of our landfills.

EMI Shielded Parts, Seals & Gaskets  - We offer custom designed, EMI-Shielded parts for a variety of electronic applications. Made with conductive, particle-filled elastomers, which establish a conductive path within the elastomer, our EMI-Shielded parts are designed to provide a conductive interface/seal for applications in a variety of industries.

Custom Molded Rubber Parts

Custom Rubber Covered Rollers

Reverse Engineering - No drawing? No problem. Many of our customers provide an existing part which we can replicate and in most cases enhance, incorporating the customers desired design and operational changes. Send us your molded rubber part for a free evaluation.

Design Consulting - You know your part we know rubber. We bring our expertise to bear to help identify the most cost-effective method to manufacture your molded rubber parts as well as identify the best material for your working environment. Send us your drawing or molded rubber part for a free design review.

Prototyping - Our “Print to Part” service typically can provide prototype quantities within 10 working days. This allows your design engineer to evaluate molded rubber parts using production grade tooling and evaluate various material choices and hardness, Shore A & D. Send us your drawing or sketch and your initial quantity needs for a quote.

Custom Mixing - Silicone, Urethane, EPDM, Neoprene, Viton, Buna N, Butyl, Natural Rubber, PVC/Nitrile, Fluoroelastomer and FDA compounds, are all available in-house for your molded rubber part prototype and production needs. Santoprene and other thermoplastics are available as well.

Molding - Transfer molding, compression molding, and liquid injection molding processes are used to manufacture molded rubber parts that provide rubber solutions for complicated industrial and commercial applications

Rubber-to-Metal Bonding - No one better understands the relationship between rubber, metal, adhesives and paints. Contact us for rubber encapsulated bonding, chemical bonding and rubber to metal bonding after curing.

Custom Rubber Caps & Plugs - When standard caps and plugs do not meet the needs of your application, we can help with a custom part to solve your issue.

Custom Molded Masks for Industrial Coatings - When coating non-flat or complex areas of a part, a custom molded rubber mask can save both time and money and keep your production at optimal levels.

Motion Picture Film Processing Soft-Touch Tires - We have tooling for over 70 different sizes of soft-touch tires in 16 mm, 35 mm and 70 mm for processing equipment including Treise, Filmline, Houston Fearless and Cine, Hostert, Fuji, Kodak, Qualex, Agfa and more.

Custom Rubber Keypads - In some applications it is preferred to have a rubber keypad for the user interface rather than a membrane switch graphic. When a rubber keypad overlay is required, contact us. View a selection of keypads we have made here !

Track Pads for Tenoners - We make replacement track pads and friction pads for tenoners, gang rip saws and other woodworking equipment for various manufacturers.

Custom Rubber Grommets - Our rubber grommets are typically used to protect wire, hose, pipe or other objects passing through a panel hole. They are also commonly used as vibration dampers, finishing components and even spacers. We specialize in custom, low volume (1 to 10,000) rubber grommets to meet your exact needs. Standard sizes also available.

New Rubber Rollers - We specialize in custom design and compounding providing complete roller assemblies to meet the needs of our customers. From our engineering expertise in design to final inspection, we maintain an excellent quality rating with our customers.

Refurbished Rubber Rollers - The rubber may be worn but many times the core is still good. Save money and be eco-friendly by having us strip and recoat your existing rollers. Your roller becomes "like new" at less cost and a quick turnaround.

Typewriter Platens and Feed Rollers - We strip and recoat your typewriter platens and also recoat your old and cracked feed rollers, bail rollers and finger rolls for typewriters and other office equipment. Whether restoring a machine or servicing one still in use, we will make your platens and feed rollers functional once again. We service platens and feed, bail and finger rollers for machines from the early 1900s up through later electric models.

Inspection and Repair - Our roller recovery services include inspection and if necessary repair of your cores and their journals. If unrepairable, we can provide a competitive quote on a new core.

Custom Compounding - We have rubber compounds available for heat resistance, abrasion resistance and high-release properties. FDA approved material also available. A full-range of rubber hardness from 15 through 100 durometer, Shore A & D.

Manufacturing Processes - Sheet-built, molding and extrusion are all available to meet the needs of our customers for prototyping, low volume, and high volume rubber roller production.

Delivery - Lead times vary depending on specific aspects of the roller specifications however, in most cases we are able to complete orders in less than two weeks.

Specialized Applications - Bring your roller to us no matter the application! Laminator rolls, glue spreader rolls, coating rolls, conveyor rolls, feed rolls, nip rolls, pinch rollers, round baler rolls and more. Complete fabrication of rollers and rubber sleeves also available.

Rollers for Prepress Production Equipment - Replicate or recover your rollers and platens for your thermal printing equipment, offset press or platemaker rolls. AB Dick, Itek, Eskofor, Ryobi, Xante RIPit, Oyo and more. Many manufacturers no longer service older equipment. Send us your rollers for evaluation. Click here for a partial listing of some of the rollers we made for various equipment.

Laminator Rollers - We recover both hot and cold laminating rolls used to apply dry film to circuit boards as well those used to laminate paper. We are very familiar with rollers for Dynachem, Hakuto, Dupont, GBC, Ledco, SEAL, DryLam and many other manufacturers.

Feed Rollers for Woodworking Equipment - Get your feed rollers for your planers, moulders, power feeders and other woodworking equipment rejuvenated in a cost –effective manner. Send us your existing rollers for evaluation. Click here for more information.

Mower and Baler Rollers - Don’t spend thousands on purchasing new rollers for your round baler or mower conditioner rollers! If you core is still serviceable, call us to simply replace the rubber coating and SAVE!

Telescopic Seating Friction Rollers - We strip and recoat recoat friction or sprocket rollers for telescopic seating and bleacher systems. Our roller coatings reduce wear and provide non-marking characteristics.

Our team members have diverse knowledge and years of experience in the rubber industry. Our intuitive approach to problem-solving enables us to effectively serve a wide variety of industries with our custom molded solutions. In fact, over that time we have produced nearly 5,000 different rubber parts and rubber-bonded-to-metal components. Let our knowledgeable team perform a free design review for your rubber part or provide a quotation for your roller needs. At J.J. Short Associates, Inc., our mission is to reduce costs and increase efficiency which we pass through to our customers. Read a selection of our success stories and then contact us!

Consider J.J. Short Associates, Inc. for all of your Molded Rubber Products, Roll Covering & Refurbishing, Die-Cutting Services, Lathe Cutting Services and Custom Compounding & Mixing needs!    We also can supply FDA and USDA Approved Food and Liquid Transfer Hoses and Assemblies and replacement Willmes Press Bladders. With J.J. Short Associates, Inc., our goal is for a mutually respectful relationship that will result in customer loyalty and not just customer satisfaction. Together, let us find your solution!

If it’s made from rubber, contact us!

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